Jewelry care

All our jewelry is from 925 Sterling Silver, 925K Gold Plated 18 Sterling Silver or Steel.

Brianda gold plated jewelry:

  • It is recommended to avoid direct contact with water and chemicals: soap, perfume or products that may be abrasive.
  • When you are not wearing the jewelry, you should store it in a dry and safe place. It is advisable to store the jewelry in a cloth bag or in a jewelry box.
  • Do not store or keep your jewelry in humid areas such as the bathroom to prevent moisture from damaging the sterling silver bathroom.
  • Makeup, perfume, and hairspray can negatively affect the durability of the gold plating on your jewelry. It is also advisable to remove jewelry to sleep, to perform any activity that involves sweating of the skin and to shower.

 * Gold plating is not guaranteed to last forever. How quickly the gold bath goes depends on many factors such as the use of chemical products on the skin, the level of body sweating or even the same PH level of the skin of each person. 

To restore the shine of Silver jewelry, it can be gently rubbed with a specific microfiber cloth. To clean them, you can use a small amount of neutral soap mixed with warm water and rub your jewel with a soft brush delicately.

Gold-plated silver jewelry should only be gently cleaned with a specific microfiber cloth for jewelry cleaning, without applying any liquid or product.